School Nurse Organization of Idaho

Annual Business Meeting

Posted about 1 year ago by Marcia Watt, RN, BSN, NCSN

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During the SNOI, conference we will hold the Annual Business meeting.  There are a couple of important items on the agenda for you to review:

  1. There is an amendment for our By-laws that is being proposed, for the exact changes please see the attached document.  The changes propose that the President would serve for two years and we would get rid of past-president and create a vice president position.   The past few presidents have not felt like they can make many changes in one year because they barely learn the position and then it's over.  After speaking to several other affiliates at the national conference, this is a standard in most states.  The proposal to remove past-president is that several people feel like a six year term is a huge time commitment so it was decided to create a vice-president position instead that would only by a one year term.
  2. ELECTIONS: We need several board positions filled.  Please see the attached list of open positions and job descriptions.  If you have wanted to get involved now is the time.  The time commitment for many of these positions are minimal, but we need people to fill in so we can continue to improve and grow school nursing throughout the state.  If interested email your nominations (can be self) to
  3. Please share this information with any and all SNOI members.