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Concussion Management Survey

Posted about 1 year ago by Leanne Bullamore

My name is Abby Bretzin and I am a PhD student at Michigan State University. I am currently collaborating on a project to explore the relationship of athletic trainers’ and school nurses’ perceptions towards return-to-the classroom after concussion.   


We are asking for help to recruit school nurses in your state to complete a one-time online survey. The survey includes the following components: demographic information, athletic training or school nurse information, and a questionnaire regarding either your perceptions for return-to-learn as a part of concussion management. The data will be used to explore the relationship of athletic trainers and school nurses’ concussion management practices. The approximate time to complete the survey is 20 minutes or less.


We are asking for you to email the following link to school nurses within your state association. The school nurses will have the opportunity to decide to voluntarily complete the survey. They can refuse to answer any question(s) and/or can withdraw from the study at any time.


This study was approved by the Michigan State University Institutional Review Board (IRB# STUDY00000890). There are no foreseeable risks associated with participation in this study. Please be assured that participants will choose not to answer question(s) and still be able to continue to participate in this study.


If you have concerns or questions about this study, please contact the researcher coordinator, Abby Bretzin or Tracey Covassin via email at


Thank you for your time and consideration!


Abby Bretzin MS, ATC
Tracey Covassin PhD, ATC,FNATA
Michigan State University