School Nurse Organization of Idaho

Happy National School Nurse Day!

Posted 10 months ago by Terri Lindemann

Dear colleagues,

Happy School Nurse Day to each and every one of you! Whether you are in a large district or working alone in a rural area, public, private, parochial, Title 1, high school, preschool, ELL, special needs, or so many needs you can't quite list them, please know that your efforts are seen, acknowledged, valued and celebrated today by the people who understand you best, your fellow school nurses around this state.

Thank you for your efforts to ensure the care and safety of Idaho's school students. Thank you for your dedication and professionalism. Thank you for your diligence during a crisis and your patience in completing tedious paperwork. Thank you for the thankless meeting attendance and the many ways you improve the lives of those around you. Thank you for lifting up this specialty within your communities and for the patience and persistence needed to keep coming back until the school year is done. 

Best wishes to our colleagues in Coeur d'Alene who will be celebrating 2018 SNOTY Erin Dever, RN, BSN at her recognition this afternoon. Hip, hip, hooray to Nurse Erin!

Best wishes to our colleagues in Boise who are commemorating 100 years of school nursing in their school district. Please watch for photos of both of these events to be posted both here and on social media: Facebook (School Nurse Organization of Idaho) and Twitter (schoolnurseid).