School Nurse Organization of Idaho

CEU Opportunity: Endo What?

Posted 7 months ago by Terri Lindemann

HOW different would your life be if a school nurse had said the word "endometriosis" to you as a teen?

NOW you can make that a reality for COUNTLESS other girls.

GO to + enter in the name, email, and address of school nurse(s) in your community, near or far. We will then send those nurse(s) a FREE Endo Toolkit, which includes a copy of the film Endo What, a poster for their infirmary, an educational booklet, a sample lesson plan, and a discussion guide.

You pay nothing. Yet, you play a MAJOR part in educating a nurse & and potentially changing thousands of lives.

Post-Falls, ID OB-GYN Dr. Adam Duke has offered to sponsor up to 100 kits for school nurses in Idaho. 3.5 CEU credits are available for reviewing the materials.

IMPORTANT! Dr. Ken Sinervo and Dr. Andrea Vidali have so generously offered to MATCH all pledges in March. So for every pledge you make, you will be educating not 1 but 3 nurses.

This is it. Be part of the change for the NEXT generation. Be part of the change for YOUR generation.