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SNOI Officer Elections 2020-2021 Voting Reminder

Posted 27 days ago by Terri Lindemann

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***If you have not voted, please take a moment to do so prior to the member meeting. 

Officer Elections 2020-2021

All SNOI members are encouraged to vote for the Officers and Area Representatives for the 2020-2021 SNOI Board of Directors. Per Article VIII, Section 1 of SNOI’s Bylaws, these elections only need to happen via ballot, not necessarily during the member meeting.

Candidate bios are attached to this announcement. You are encouraged to preview the bios prior to voting. 

Access your ballot here: SNOI Official Ballot Officer Election 2020-2021

Voting will be open from May 1 and close by verbal announcement during the member meeting (date of meeting to be announced soon). Election outcomes will be given both verbally at the end of the member meeting as well as via announcement on SNOI's website and NASN-SNOI community page.