School Nurse Organization of Idaho

President Resignation and SNOI next steps

Posted 5 months ago by Joy Harris

Dear School Nurse Organization of Idaho (SNOI) -

It is with much regret that I am having to inform you that I will be resigning from SNOI. This was not planned and it was not something that I saw coming when I excitedly took this position in the summer of 2023 or when the current school year started this last Fall.  These past months I have encountered many challenges in my personal and professional life.  Due to these challenges I decided  to make some very necessary changes that ultimately included myself leaving the school district that I worked for as a school nurse.  The current leadership team &  SNOI board is fully functional and continuing to meet monthly so that we can accomplish our organization's goals while also working hard to enrich the jobs & lives of the Idaho nurses that they serve.  Thank you all for everything that you do for this great organization.  I wish you all the best moving forward with 2024 and beyond!

Kyle Ellefson BSN, RN - SNOI President

The SNOI Board accepted this resignation at our 2/28/24 board meeting, and per SNOI bylaws Tamara Strong, President-Elect will step into the President position.